Water Futures

“It’s time we changed the way we live; and the way we understand our selves in relation to each other and our planet. To ensure our survival, we need to consider new laws and look at our current policies, behaviours and interactions. To have a chance of creating a just and sustainable water future – we need to talk now.” Angharad Wynne-Jones, Arts House Artistic Director.

I was lucky enough to be one of 60 delegates from Australia and beyond to be part of the three-day transdisciplinary Water Futures hackathon as part of AsiaTOPA. Present were First Nations people from Australia, North America and the Pacific, artists, scientists, researchers, politicians, diplomats, and activists.

We spent the first day listening to the dire state of water and it’s future – in Australia and globally – and with that, our future. And the next two days in groups developing projects in response. I’ve never been part of a hack before, but I’m now pretty certain that every conference should attach a hack to it’s back end to develop proactive steps forward in response to all that has been discussed.

Huge thanks to Arts House for once again holding a space for the critical conversations at a critical time, and for inviting me into it.

Photo credit: Tara Prowse (Insta: @taratrax)

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