Australian Future Foods Lab


The Australian Future Foods Lab was an artist collective that sought to re-ignite tastebuds and the cultural imagination in support of emerging and sustainable food systems. A collaboration between Carbon Arts, Jodie Ahrens from Round Angle Studio, and human ecologist, Asha Bee Abraham, the Lab invites innovation and experimentation through unique collaborations involving artists, scientists, chefs and the food industry.

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Image credits: Teodora Tinc

ElixirBar_TTPhotography_0022 as Smart Object-1
ElixirBar_TTPhotography_0172 as Smart Object-1
ElixirBar_TTPhotography_0219 as Smart Object-1
ElixirBar_TTPhotography_0419 as Smart Object-1
ElixirBar_TTPhotography_0245 as Smart Object-1
ElixirBar_TTPhotography_0363 as Smart Object-1

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