Asha Bee Abraham is a human ecologist and artist. Her projects focus on the relationships between – relationships with each other, with our place, and with our selves. With a passion for evoking critical questions about our culture and inspiring transitions within it, Asha’s projects draw on her Human Ecology MSc to create opportunities for people to share and examine their relational experiences of being human today.

Asha’s recent projects have included Invisible Cities (Melbourne, 2015); Where the heart is (National Museum of Singapore, 2015); The People’s Wangaratta (Wangaratta, 2015); Written in the Sky (Sydney & Canberra, 2015); Die Insel (Berlin, 2014); and In Passing (Melbourne 2013; Melbourne 2014). See details on the projects page.

Asha has received support from the Australia Council for the Arts, City of Melbourne, Moreland City Council, Singapore Fringe Festival, Department of Culture & the Arts (WA), City of Fremantle, and the Eirene Lucas Foundation,

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    Christine Peacock April 20, 2015

    I am indigenous to this country and it is comforting and inspiring to find you here. I hope one day our creActive paths cross.

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    Mel Yuan October 28, 2013

    Hi asha,
    Hope you don’t mind me contacting you, but I was wondering if you had time for a coffee sometime to discuss Communities for Nature? Wanted to pick your brains about sensible ideas to “keep going”. If time is tight, perhaps we can have a chat via email instead.
    Cheers, Mel
    Union St, Brunswick

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